Game Operations


You handle the development, we handle operations. Your developers don't want to be woken up in the middle of the night to reboot a problematic server or troubleshoot a network problem. And you don't want that either. Your developers should be focused on what they do best - creating an engaging player experience.


According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Because there are so many differences in how businesses operate, downtime can vary from $140,000 to $540,000 per hour.


There are different factors to take into account from quantifiable to more subtle and harder costs to evaluate:

  • The lost revenue caused by the incident
  • The cost of the DevOps team in charge of troubleshooting an issue (hourly cost of engineer x number of people x duration)
  • The cost of losing unhappy users and the cost of re-acquiring them
  • The human cost of downtime (strain involved in investigating and resolving the issues in the middle of the night, while on vacations…)
  • The opportunity cost (resources being reallocated from other projects)

Incident Management

We manage your online games, regardless of platform or technology, to ensure availability to your players. We ensure maximum uptime of your game(s), 24x7x365, anywhere in the world, hosted in-house or by any infrastructure provider.

We can either use your existing tools and systems if you have them in place and seamlessly integrate with you, or, we can use our tools and systems if you prefer.

Key Features

We have designed an offering that allows you to pick the elements you need in order to build a solution that corresponds to your requirements. They are based around the following key features:

  • Customized service agreement, reflecting what you need not what we want to sell
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and first/second-line issue resolution
  • Fully monitored uptime and outage resolution
  • SLA options, resolution options as low as 15 minutes
  • Full stack coverage including hardware, OS, applications, interfaces, as well as the game itself


Improving your operations, saving time and money

  • Our 24x7x365 coverage removes the need for your staff to be on call thus improving productivity during working hours. We handle the operational work, allowing you to focus on other value-added tasks such as new product features and improving user experience.
  • We provide you with increased uptime which translates into improved revenue, credibility and retention.
  • Our team acts as part of your company without the burden of having to hire staff.
  • There is no long-term investment due to hiring the needed manpower. If your game is not performing as expected, you can terminate our contract within a month. We also provide 24x7x365 coverage of your games at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally.

Incidents Handled


Past 24 Hours


Past 7 Days


Past 30 Days


Past 365 Days


During our onboarding process, which typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, your Technical Account Manager and our onboarding team will work with your team to learn about the architecture of your game and all of its associated infrastructure.


We'll review your existing documentation or runbooks, and help create them if necessary. We'll work with you to understand your environment(s), interactions and dependencies. These workshops and reviews can be done remotely or on-site to best suit your needs.


A robust monitoring and alerting solution is one of the keys to ensuring uptime. If you have your own monitoring solution already in place, we'll review its configuration to ensure there are no gaps in its coverage. If you don't have monitoring/alerting in place, we'll get your game integrated into our state-of-the-art global monitoring platform.

Operational Handover

Once monitoring is in place and runbooks are created, our 24x7x365 Operations Team will be ready to take over live operations for your game. We'll respond to alerts that indicate potential problems with the game, and using the runbooks we've created, we'll make sure your game stays up and running.

Additional Game Operations Services

Release Management

The best time to release updates for your game is during low traffic periods. Unfortunately, this usually means it's during your off hours. Rather than have your development team stay up late to release an update, the Zumidian Operations Team can handle this process for you.


Backups are one of the most often overlooked aspects of game operations. Setting up backups, and more importantly, making sure they're actually running and verifying the data they contain, is just as important as making sure your game is running smoothly. Our team will make sure that you're prepared for the worst-case scenario.