We offer the best infrastructure at the lowest possible cost to our customers so they can provide outstanding user experience to their players worldwide.

Whatever You Need,
Wherever You Need It

Zumidian has been working with selected Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers around the world to offer the best infrastructure and quality of service combined with the best prices available.

We have a suite of hosting services that can deliver any configuration or scale that you need but regardless of what, where or how many you need, all of our services are based around a few principles:







Global Coverage


Superior Network Connectivity


24/7 Support To All Customers




With our global partners around the world, we can build an all-in-one solution to your custom network, hardware, and managed service requirements. From bare metal out of the box to complete customization, we can meet all of your needs from simple single server instances to complex highly secure hardened networks.

Depending on the location, we can offer colocation, dedicated server hosting, Virtual servers, private Cloud, Edge Computing or Hybrid solutions.

Contracts can be from month to month to 12, 24 or 36-month commit depending on your needs and your choices. In certain locations, you can get computing resources by the hour.

CDN Services

Give Your Website & Apps The Speed They Deserve

In partnership with various industry leaders, we have come together to offer best in class CDN services around the world. Please tell us about your requirements and we can put together various proposals with our different partners for you to choose from.


Accelerate your website to grow revenue and reach visitors globally. With our high performance Content Delivery Network (CDN), your content will be delivered from all over the world at lightning speeds.


The CDN stores your most recently and frequently requested content in edge locations close to where the content is being demanded. That way content can be delivered to end users quickly and reliably, for a superior end user experience and more efficient operations.

DDOS Services

Zumidian has teamed up with industry leaders to offer its customers best in class DDoS and WAF services around the world.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several high-profile, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks aimed at taking down several online gaming networks. While such attacks against online gaming networks go back at least a decade, recent examples suggest that the problem is growing—both in terms of frequency and severity. In fact, gaming companies are still the number one target of DDoS assaults.


DDoS attacks are intended to do just what the name implies — prevent a server or network resource from performing actions it is charged with providing. Network level DDoS assaults “clog the pipes” connecting a network, website, or online service to the Internet. They send huge amounts of traffic to overwhelm connection capacity until targeted systems become unavailable. The largest of these barrages, such as SYN floods and DNS amplification, already exceeds 200Gbps. These numbers continue to grow, with the biggest reported incident in 2014 topping out at 400 Gbps.

The increasing frequency and size of DDoS events are well reflected in the gaming industry. Assaults against such companies are invariably aimed at the network level (since most gaming servers do not support HTTP). They bombard a server with requests until it slows down to an intolerable level or connections collapse altogether.

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