Live Operations Center

Fully staffed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Your game's uptime is our #1 priority.

Our Live Operations Center provides around the clock coverage for your games and applications, regardless of where you are hosted or what type of game you have. With over 15 years of experience across Mobile, PC, MMO, Console and Social platforms (including most game engines and middleware), there is no lengthy on-boarding time or trying to explain what is important for gamers!

Our expert staff handles all of the operational work, freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks such as adding new features and reducing the need for your staff to be on-call.

You are experts in ensuring your game is amazing and caters to your player's needs. We're experts in ensuring your game remains accessible to your players all day, every day.

Use Cases For Zumidian

How we can help

There are many reasons why you may need us. Here are some of the most common scenarios companies are turning to Zumidian.

You want to reduce the cost of live-ops while maintaining the highest quality of service for your players.

You are a new entrant in a market and want to move fast without having to look for people and building a team to handle live operations.

You already have some revenue streams but you don’t have any dedicated live ops team.

Your game is mature, and you don’t want to invest too many internal resources to maintain it, but you want to keep the revenue stream and reduce overheads.

You are a large company with an existing live operations team, you might be interested in testing a new market you are planning to penetrate without having to allocate internal resources to do it.

With real time access to your metrics and key data points, all displayed in easy to use visual dashboards - customised to you - you always know what is happening

Full transparency; you see all the information we do and every action we take

Benefits Of Using Zumidian

Improving your operations

By using Zumidian you can better allocate your resources.

We handle the operational work, allowing you to focus on other value-added tasks such as new product features and improving user experience.

We provide you increased uptime which improves your revenue, credibility and retention.

Our 24x7x365 coverage removes the need for your staff to be on call thus more productivity during working hours.

Our Live Operations Team acts as part of your company without the burden of having to hire staff. Our team members have the technical expertise to provide all levels of support you might need.

Cost Benefits

Zumidian saves you money

Our live ops help you save time and money.

Our teams are immediately operational without going through a long learning curve and onboarding only takes a few weeks.

There is no long-term investment due to hiring the needed manpower. If your game is not performing as expected, you can terminate our contract within a month while if you had hired staff, it would take more time and would be far costlier.

We provide 24x7x365 coverage of your games at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally.

More About Us

Key Features

We have designed an offering that allows you to pick the elements you need in order to build a solution that corresponds to your requirements. They are based around the following key features:

Customized Solution

Customized service agreement, reflecting what you need, not what you want to sell.

SLA Options

SLA options, resolution options as low as 15 minutes

24x7x365 Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring and first/second-line issue handling

Managed Tiers

Full stack coverage including hardware, OS, applications, interfaces, as well as the game

Reliable Monitoring & Outage Resolution

Fully monitored uptime and outage resolution

The Value of Zumidian

Translated Service Value

Improved Uptime

Improved uptime mitigates loss of revenue and increases user retention and game reputation

24x7x365 Coverage

24x7x365 coverage removes the need for your staff to be on call


Zumidian handles the operational work, allowing you to focus on other tasks such as new features and user experience

Dedicated Team

Zumidian’s Live Operations team acts as part of your company. We have fully trained engineers on most market technologies.


Service & Operations

Internal Zumidian
Cost Long-term expenditure (hosting, employees, etc.) Scale up or down easily as needed
Investment Long-term investment due to hiring employees and negotiating hardware allocations Flexibility with scaling and termination
KPI Self defined based on multiple factors Directly related to game lifetime and player numbers
Architecture Ramp-up and expansive research needed, followed by setting up deployments, metrics, etc. Proven solutions backed by a team of experts, ready to be utilized
Issue Resolution On-call rotation and communication with multiple vendors Single point of contact for all issues, from hardware to database, 24x7x365

What our clients have to say


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Zumidian?

With over 40 years of experience in the setup, configuration and day to day management of Online Games (software as a service, MMOs and always online games) across mobile, PC, console and TV - your game(s) couldn’t be in better hands.

Doesn’t AWS/Google/my hosting provider do this already?

Simply put, NO! They all offer services that cover the hardware/virtual machine and operating system but none of them understand and support your game, it’s components and 3rd party interfaces.

What do you mean support our game?

Having your game online and available 24/7/365 is essential to your business with any downtime time affecting your revenue, reputation and costs. With Zumidian’s Online Services, we monitor all aspects of your game and take both proactive and reactive actions to keep the game and it’s components online, or minimising downtime if there is a problem.

How can you support us?

With our unique and proprietary Zumidian Network AI (Znai), we continually learn your game and it’s operation, player trends and infrastructure and based on these Znai makes automated changes. Sometimes automation is not possible and Znai is supported by our 24/7 teams to review and take manual interactions as needed.

What Service Level Agreements (SLA) do you offer?

Our SLA can be as low as 15 minutes for resolution (yes, we did say resolution) and this can be defined on a host by host basis as needed.

Seriously, 15 minutes SLA is impossible!

Welcome to the power of Zumidian and ZnAI! If you don’t believe us then you are welcome to talk to our existing clients and get their first hand experiences.

Our game is bespoke and unique, you cannot support that.

We currently support a number clients with their uniquely developed game components as well as almost every OS, middleware, game engine and database. The idea is that we are flexible enough to support anything you have. We do not expect you to have to adapt your game to work with us.

We use AWS, Google, Azure, Rackspace, IBM, Another provider.

That's fine by us, any host in any data center in any location worldwide (or even in space) is supported as long as we can get a reliable connection and root/admin access.

Our game has millions of players, is it too big for you to support?

Congratulations on a heathy player base! We currently support an online gaming platform with over 90 million MAU so scale isn’t an issue for us.

We don’t want to share our code with you.

Good, as we don’t want to see it! We have no need to access your code. If an issue is related to a code problem then this is for you to resolve.

Our game is all ‘tribal knowledge’ and we don’t have much documentation.

Ah, life would be too easy if everyone had up to date and comprehensive documentation however we know this isn’t typically available. Our onboarding is both automatic analysis and manual discussion with you from which we create our run book, archetype models and host documentation. All of which we share with you.

This all sounds very expensive.

No, not really. Depending on how many hosts you have, you can typically get full 24/7 coverage for less than it would cost to employ a new internal resource.

We’ve heard all this sales speak before that doesn’t live up to the claims in practice.

Fair point, we have been in the same situation which is why we offer a 3 month fixed priced trial so you can see things for yourself.

So I have the trial period and then I am locked into a long contract?

No, no commitments. We believe in our Zumidian Online Services so much that we don’t ask you to commit to anything. The service is month to month, so if you aren’t happy for any reason then you can leave us. We have NEVER lost a customer based on our performance so we are pretty confident you won’t be the first!

Ok, so what’s next?

Feel free to contact us to get in touch and we can learn more about you and your game(s)