Migration Services

Short on time, resources or expertise? Our Migration Services give you a proven team of experts to smoothly and efficiently handle your migration - with minimal impact to availability.

As part of our work with numerous gaming clients, we have migrated various infrastructure and whole game platforms between environments. We decided to make it a new services offering for online gaming companies that don’t have the time, the expertise or the resources to do it on their own.

Our migration services are a step by step process that allow you to reduce cost and improve customer experience while mitigating risk.

Scenarios covered, but not limited to, include:

  • Any cloud provider to dedicated hardware
  • Migration between IDCs
  • Any cloud provider to another cloud provider
  • Hybrid cloud solutions


We relied on Zumidian to handle our migration from different hosting providers to a new one. The key success factors were to save costs and ensure that there was no disruption of our game or as little as possible. Zumidian helped us save over 40% of our hosting costs while getting brand new hardware and handled the whole migration with only a 4h disruption of the game during a planned maintenance window."

—Jean-Marc Broyer, CEO, RETO-MOTO


The process of migrating to a new infrastructure provider can be daunting, but our experts have the process down to a science.

Step 1: Discovery

Your dedicated project lead and engineers will meet with your team to discuss the goals of your migration (lower costs, better reliability, etc), desired timeframe, and your current infrastructure. With the help of your team, we'll perform a complete hardware and software inventory to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Step 2: Design

Our team will design a robust solution for your migration with our infrastructure partners (or your infrastructure provider of choice).

Step 3: Implementation

Once the design is approved, we'll order and set up the hardware and network, install and configure all of the necessary software, and migrate any necessary data to the new infrastructure.

Step 4: Parallel Run / Go Live

When possible, the optimal method of switching over to the new infrastructure is to run both the old and the new in parallel, and gradually shifting users over to the new infrastructure over a period of approximately 2 weeks. Depending on the architecture of your application, this might not be possible, but no matter what, our team will come up with a plan that minimizes downtime.