Zumidian Migration Services

As part of our work with numerous gaming clients, we have migrated various infrastructure and whole game platforms between environments. We decided to make it a new services offering for online gaming companies that don’t have the time, the expertise or the resources to do it on their own.

Our migration services are a step by step process that allow you to reduce cost and improve customer experience while mitigating risk.

Scenarios covered, but not limited to, include:

Any cloud provider to dedicated hardware

Migration between IDCs

Any cloud provider to another cloud provider

Hybrid cloud solutions

Edge computing for IoT

Migration Services Offered

We are able to offer a full turnkey solution for the migration of your infrastructure and/or applications.

Our typical framework and workflow for a migration is as follows:

Discovery Workshop
  • • Goals
  • • Timeframe
  • • Infrastructure and Software Discussion
  • • Infrastructure and Software Inventory
Design Solution
  • • Per server type configuration and documentation
  • • Per network configuration and documentation
  • • Per component (hardware and software) configuration and documentation
  • • Order new infrastructure and verification
  • • Set up network configuration (as defined in the Design stage)
  • • Install software and configure (as defined in the Design stage)
  • • Migrate data and set-up dual homing solution
Parrallel Run
  • • Run the new environment in parallel for 2 weeks to ensure all correct

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