We handle the Operational aspects of your DevOps workflow and have established a set of best practices tailored to the online gaming market in terms of:

Release Management (release)

Deployment Management (deploy)

Environment Management (operate)

Incident Management (monitor)

Customer Commitment

We are so confident in the quality and consistency of our service that we do not ask you to sign up for a long-term contract. Everything is on a month to month basis without commitment.

We have never lost a customer based on our service and you will not be the first!

We aim to provide the best service to our customers, and we support you for the long run as your success is our success.

Supporting Over


Our Approach

We do not provide work for hire staff, but give you access to our multiple shift teams and around the clock coverage to act as an extension to your current teams.

On every shift there are experts who can handle any incident, there is no internal escalation or triage systems – every shift can handle any problem as the goal is to maintain availability of the game.

You are assigned a Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) who ensures you gain the most from our relationship and maximize our services.

Knowledge & Expertise

Incident Management

Our mission is to manage your online games, regardless of platform or technology, to ensure availability to your players.

We ensure maximum uptime of your game(s), 24x7x365, anywhere in the world, hosted in-house or by any infrastructure provider. 

We can either use your existing tools and systems if you have them in place and seemlessly integrate with you, or, we can use our tools and systems if you prefer.

Key Features

We have designed an offering that allows you to pick the elements you need in order to build a solution that corresponds to your requirements. They are based around the following key features:

Customized Solution

Customized service agreement, reflecting what you need, not what you want to sell

SLA Options

SLA options, resolution options as low as 15 minutes

24x7x365 Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring and first/second-line issue handling

Managed Tiers

Full stack coverage including hardware, OS, applications, interfaces, as well as the game

Reliable Monitoring & Outage Resolution

Fully monitored uptime and outage resolution


Improving your operations, saving time and money

Our 24x7x365 coverage removes the need for your staff to be on call thus improving productivity during working hours. We handle the operational work, allowing you to focus on other value-added tasks such as new product features and improving user experience.

We provide you with increased uptime which resolves in improved revenue, credibility and retention.

Our team acts as part of your company without the burden of having to hire staff.

There is no long-term investment due to hiring the needed manpower. If your game is not performing as expected, you can terminate our contract within a month. We also provide 24x7x365 coverage of your games at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally.


Workshops and architecture review

We can work with your existing documentation or create a new runbook for your game depending on what is available. We work with you to understand your environment(s), interactions and dependencies. These workshops and reviews can be done remotely or on-site to best suit your needs.

Runbook and trigger creation

From the workshops we prove out everything in the runbook including the qualifying inputs, resolution steps and post fix verifications.

This is verified in your existing tools, or fed into our tools as needed to build up your per archetype model. This forms the basis to start monitoring and us responding to any incidents.


Depending on the information available (and you and your teams time), on-boarding typically takes between 2 – 4 weeks before we have the understanding and data to take over 24x7 coverage.

Additional Game Operations Services
Zumidian’s proven process ensures every release, every deployment and every environment is fully covered; providing full transparency to all stakeholders
Release Management

Client notifies of new build

Zumidian updates the Staging environment with the new build

Communication between all Stakeholders (internal and external) with regular updates and progress

Client tests and verifies the ‘game’

Zumidian verifies the Operational metrics and KPI’s

Confirmed version ready for Live, Zumidian co-ordinates between the client, customer support, community and platform holder(s) for a release window

Deployment Management

Zumidian creates a deployment plan for each platform including success metrics and KPI’s

Zumidian updates all platforms based on the agreed deployment plan

Zumidian releases new version, provides ‘early life’ Operational support

Release closure, Zumidian produces post mortem on release and Operational changes / issues

Environment Management

All servers monitored for network, hardware and game specific metrics

All hardware hardened and kept updated with the latest patches and best practices

Standardized and documented build and configuration procedures

Hardware failure mitigation

Regular infrastructure reviews to ensure optimum performance/cost ratio

Capacity planning and rapid scale up/down