Our Services
Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost

Our goal is to ensure continuous improvement in your operations by enabling you to increase productivity while reducing costs.

Zumidian consultants can help you in different areas where you don’t necessarily have the internal resources or the required expertise to do it. We can provide consultants by the hour, by the day, weekly and beyond for longer missions.

Our services range from (non exhaustive):

Architecture advice across bare metal and cloud (Public/Private)

Our consultants have been building infrastructure for online gaming customers for over 15 years. We can build a complete infrastructure from scratch, tailored to your game type anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can audit your current infrastructure and help you optimize it.

You want to migrate to the Cloud but don't know where to start, we can help!

You use the Cloud but start to see the limitations, we can help you move to an Hybrid system.

Database optimization

Your database(s) are at the heart of everything you do and the performance and availability are critical. Our optimization services give you the confidence of knowing everything is working to peak performance and maximum stability.

Coverage for MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, NoSQL and Amazon Aurora to name just a few.

Data center locations and needs based on game/business requirements

We can help you define the best location to service a particular market and/or negotiate for you the best deals in any country.

Security guidance

Even if your online game has never been subject to a DDoS attack, you will more than likely have to deal with one in the future. It is therefore very important to plan and develop a DDoS strategy. We can help you in this respect.

Operational needs and requirements

Should we build or lease? How should we structure the account systems and access rights? What should we avoid doing? Our years of knowledge and experience can fast track your operational needs and navigate you past common potholes and mistakes.

Zumidian Games as a Service (zGaaS)

At Zumidian we know that just adding microtransactions and hoping for the best is not the most solid strategy. You could get lucky (and we hope you do!) but changes to your core loops, asset creation, data capture (to name a few) are just as important to ensure success else you will be continuing facing higher acquisition and ongoing costs as well as chasing larger ARPU and TPU metrics just to turn a profit.

Focusing on ensuring a scalable, viable product across all areas of the business is where we come in.

We don’t want to sell you a platform or tools; we are about ensuring your business embraces the GaaS changes and these are understood across all levels and departments to ensure success.

There are lots of areas of zGaaS (which we call ‘pillars’), some of which are below, that must be woven into your business in order to be successful. Just looking at a list is one thing, understanding the details, speed bumps and having the experience of doing this many time before is essential in creating or transitioning to a GaaS model.

In addition, there are legal/country specific needs and requirements that also have to be taken into account and are always changing.